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Competitive Cyclist Short Days Long Rides

Ride 20 hours in 14 days.

Challenge Ended: December 5, 2014
This time of year in the northern hemisphere, sunshine is a hot commodity. Daylight hours are steadily decreasing and so is the motivation to ride. 

To combat this change, Competitive Cyclist and Strava are challenging you to make the most of these shorter days by riding 20 hours between November 22nd and December 5th.

Tackle this Challenge on the roads, the trails, or even an indoor trainer. Just make sure you put the hours in and get it done. 

For those in the southern hemisphere easing into longer (and warmer) days, consider yourselves lucky on this one. If you're up for it, try setting your bar a little higher than the twenty-hour Challenge goal.
  • 45,776
  • 507,583hrs
    Total Time Ridden
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