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Wednesday Night Worlds

5:30 PM Weekly on Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Cottonwood Glen Park
Race Pace / Mostly Flat

5:30 from Cottonwood Glen Park. It's a spicey ride but the new format encourages regrouping, shortcutting etc... Bring a friend or frienemy that you want to rough up. If you're riding TTH or driving the pace at WOR, this would be a good fit for you.

New Format Notes:
*We'll roll from Cottonwood Glen Park heading northbound on Overland Trail each week leaving at 5:30 and expect the group will grow as people merge up from cross-streets across town. We're riding "neutral" in double paceline formation inside the bike lane until we cross 287 as a group. ( ≤ 25 mph ) Neutral simply means no attacking, we've generally been riding neutral until Wellington for years.
*One start group (no A/B groups)
*Women will roll out with the men for the time being with hopes of developing a WWNWs. (as decided by the women at the WNWs Summit)
*Riders off the front that are delayed by traffic will be allowed to reestablish their gap.
Rider safety is everyone's responsibility as is the overall health of the ride. Please do your part to make this ride safe and fun (relatively speaking).
More on the ride, route and format:

Fort Collins, Colorado